Boho curls

Glossy, voluminous, boho curls are the favorite of Blake, Vanessa et al.  I have straight hair and often add waves with GHDs, but they don’t add volume to the roots which is the glamorous look I love. Could heated rollers give me this without going too bridal?

love her locks

I have gone for BaByliss PRO’s ceramic rollers. The set comes with 30 rollers of 4 different sizes, to give you options on the size of your curls – the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl.

After allowing the rollers to heat up, you then start popping them in. There are some fantastic videos on YouTube on how to position them, here is one of my favourites:

Tips from me:

It is difficult to tell when the rollers are up to temperature, you have to guess, I reccomend you give them at least 10 mins to make sure they are hot enough.

To give your curls a bit more longevity, give each section of hair a light spray with hairspray before putting it in the roller and always make sure you wait until the rollers have completely cooled before taking them out. Also when you are removing each roller, carefully unwind the hair, never just pull the roller out, as you will also pull the curl out of your locks.

When you have taken out all of the rollers, give your hair a good coating of hair spray, then you can start to run your fingers through to loosen the curls and get the style you’re after.

The set comes with clips and pins to keep the rollers in place. The clips are much easier to put in and take out, but I think the pins keeps the rollers in position better.

So how do they rate? The curls are gorgeous, but don’t last as long as I was hoping, but should get you through the majority of an evening.

the fabulous Caroline, loving her curls

 Babyliss Pro 30 piece roller set from £68


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Festival Chic

With Glastonbury this weekend, the festival season is most definitely upon us. However jealous I was when friends got tickets,  now looking at the weather forecast for the weekend, I’m feeling pretty smug I’m not packing up my tent and wellingtons to brave the elements.

Next week we will be seeing snaps of all the celebs looking fabulous, so here is my guide on what to pack in you festival beauty kit to channel Alexa, rather than drowned rat.

How does she manage it?

  1. If you are a regular reader, you will have heard me wax lyrically about batiste dry shampoo. It has to be the number one festival beauty buy. They have recently launched XXL Volume, which works wonders for banishing oily roots when showers are not an option and it will re-vamp rained on hair. (£3.99/200ml)
  2. Another life saver to the festivalite, must be the facial wipe. Your 3-step skin care ritual routine will take up much-needed space in your packing and finding all your products (and a basin!) after dark will be challenging. I recommend Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes. They will remove waterproof mascara whilst being kind to your skin and purse. (£3 approx/25 wipes)
  3. If you’ve bought/borrowed wellies for this weekend, the next item is a must. Compeed blister plasters provide a skin like layer which will speed up the healing of your blister and the thick layer will protect from any more rubbing. They have a new ‘Blister Mix’ pack which contains a range of sizes to deal with any problematic footwear situation. (£4.49/pack of 5)
  4. Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is another of my hero products. Apply a thin layer under your make-up and it helps to banish signs of fatigue and promotes a radiant completion. Everyone will be asking which B&B you stayed in..
  5. With the vast amounts of Somerset cider and late nights, the odd blemish is bound to appear.  A thick and durable concealer, such as Benefit’s boi-ing industrial-strength concealer will help you to look flawless. (£26.50/50ml)
  6. The final item for my glasto-beauty-kit is Clinique’s Chubby Stick Lip Colour Balm. Your festival look should appear au natural and these super-cute sticks give just enough colour and sheen to enhance what mother-nature gave you, whist soothing dry lips with yummy mango and shea butters. My fav shade is Whoppin’ Watermelon. (£14/2g)

Maybe I am a little jealous after all… have a super time, and fingers crossed for sunshine x

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Hair revival

When Batiste, the first dry shampoo came onto the market, I saw it as a ’emergency product’ used by festivalites or for when the boiler breaks. Not for someone who likes to feel clean and well groomed. I have been totally converted.

We always wish for the hair we don’t have, my hair is fine, so all I want is volume. I spend far too long blow-drying, hair spraying (and back combing) to only have my locks fall flat again in a few hours. However, after using Batiste, my mane is back to its freshly blow-dried perfection, or better – this time it stays.

As well as adding volume it freshens up your hair, I asked my friends this evening when they thought I last washed my hair, they all replied ‘today’ no, no I’m on day 3, which could never have happened without this product.


Could this be how Chezza gets her volumised locks?

Application isn’t too challenging, but can be alarming, after spraying the product at your roots, it can make you look like you’ve aged half a century, as it is a white-ish colour. However, after you have massaged it in and brushed out, you should be back to your normal shade. Batiste have also launched some coloured versions which can blend in with any root regrowth.20110602-054919.jpg

The dry shampoo works by absorbing and mopping up any grease that has started to form and this stops your hair being weighed down, causing the extra volume and texture. Batiste comes in a range of gorgeous fragrances, I have smell tested them all, Boho is my personal favourite.


I am now a complete convert and Batiste is a ‘hero product’ in my collection and costing around £2 for 150ml no wonder it has won awards from In Style, Company, TopSante and Shout.

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