Pearly whites?

What separates us mere mortals from the hollywood goddesses? Well, in my case all manner of things… However, one of the most obvious has to be the difference in our nashers. Cheryl, Blake, Jennifer etc have spent thousands to get their pearly whites (I expect), so how can we get that look on our tighter budgets?

I have been recommended Crest 3D professional effects whiting strips – I could only find them available in the US, so a little eBay purchase (£35) was required and on my return from the bank holiday, my package was waiting for me.


So over the next 20 days I will be applying the strips every day and let you know how I get on.


required 'before' shot...

Wish me luck… X


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Doe eyed

Although I wish I was a natural beauty, cosmetics don’t always manage to get me the look I’m after.

I am obsessed with long lashes, they make you look younger and more feminine (plus, plus). I never leave the house without mascara and I’m always hunting for new products to extend and thicken what mother nature gave me.

Strip false lashes are amazing, but can be a bit OTT for day-wear. When I heard about lash extensions, this sounded heavenly, but with the semi permanent ones costing £80 plus £20 for infills, my budget just won’t stretch.

Then on a weekly supermarket trip, I discovered Eyelure’s DIY version at just over a fiver.

You do need a steady hand but I was super impressed with the results. I used the small lashes with a few medium ones at the outside edge. They look really natural, adding a flirty flutter without the ‘weighed down’ look of traditional strip lashes.

The packaging says that they can last up to 4 weeks, no way. After a week or so the glue had clumped up a bit and a few of the lashes had fallen out or gone slightly wayward and it was time to take them off and start over.

I’ve bought them over and over again and friends, dubious about their self application skills have asked me to do theirs (thank you to the lovely Victoria for modelling for me!)

Perfect for holiday or weekend away, i haven’t kept this up week-to-week as I want to put mascara on top in the evenings this does reduce the durability.

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In search of glamour

Science teacher by day, but I like to think I rebuff the stereotype. I love all things fashion and beauty, so I’m going to share with you all of my successes and failures in my search for glamour.

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