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Miracle Manicure – 3 weeks on

I’m always pleased when a product does what it promises, I love it when it surpasses my expectations.

Shellac manicure just after application

Shellac says that their polish wears flawlessly for 14 days and 3 weeks on, it’s still looking fabulous and I haven’t been careful with them. The only problem is that my nails have grown and the colour is moving up.

3 weeks later

So now for the second test, removal. Shellac does sell removal wraps which minimises the contact of acetone with the skin, but at £3 a pack to do all your nails, it does add additional cost to the manicure and they are fiddley to use.

What I would recommend is; buying nail varnish containing acetone (available from boots, superdrug etc.) which you fill a small bowl with. Then put this bowl in a larger bowl of hot water (a bit like a bain-Marie) and pop your nails in and the polish melts off easily.

I’m heading off on holiday in a few weeks and getting a Shellac manicure will be top of my beauty preparation list.

CND’s Shellac manicure www.cnd.com cost me £27 from my local salon (House of Beauty Cambridge www.cambridgebeauty.co.uk)

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Teeth whitening – the results

Over the past twenty days I have been religiously applying Crest 3D Advanced Whitening strips in my bid to compete with Simon Cowell for bright whites.

The packet contains 20 pouches, each containing two plastic strips, one for your bottom teeth and the other for the top ones. The first day I put them on it was a bit fiddly, but a few days in and I was applying them like a pro. They don’t look very attractive whilst on, but you can still talk and even drink water if you need to. After keeping them on for 30 minutes, peeling them off was easy too, but they can leave a jelly-like residue, which you need to wipe off.

So, how did I get on? The blurb told me that I’d see results in 3 days, and I noticed they looked slightly whiter and my dreams of pearly whites was growing. I was secretly hoping for results like Ross in Friends achieved and was slightly disappointed. However, my teeth are definitely looking whiter and I haven’t experienced any sensitivity that other reviews of the product have mentioned. You can use up to two treatments a year, and I’m pretty certain I’ll keep it up.



As I mentioned on my previous post, the product isn’t licensed in the UK and I bought mine over the internet via ebay for £35.

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