Miracle Manicure

Parisian and NYC ladies are renowned for their groomed finish, this is a look I crave but don’t have the time, or the commitment to emulate. Well coiffed hair and perfectly manicured nails are a must for these women, but how can we get this on a tighter budget and time-frame?

Whenever I have a manicure, I have generally smudged my beautiful polished talons before I get home or I’ve chipped them in the next day or so, so I only tend to bother for a special event.

However, many different nail brands have come up with a hybrid between normal polish and gel nails. These promise to last between 2 and 3 weeks without chipping and are easy to remove.

I’ve gone for CND’s Shellac manicure at my local beautitians. There is a range of 24 shades to choose from, including my fav ‘Tropix’ a lovely coral, perfect for summer.

Shellac shades

The appointment lasted an hour, including shaping my nails and cuticle treatment, but I left with completely dry nails. They do feel a bit ‘thicker’ than a normal polish, but don’t look like fake nails at all.

Removal of the polish can either be done at a salon, or you can buy acetone nail varnish remover from any chemist and soak them off in a few minutes.

If you are going for a manicure, I would definitely recommend Shellac over conventional polishes and it is perfect for holidays, weddings or other special occasions.

CND’s Shellac manicure www.cnd.com cost me £27 from my local salon (House of Beauty Cambridge www.cambridgebeauty.co.uk)

Nails inc’s 3 week manicure costs from £55 www.nailsinc.com


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Lovely lilac nails

Nail colour isn’t something I tend to be very adventurous with, and once the sun arrives I am stuck in a coral coloured rut. To rectify this I have embraced one of this summers nail trends, lilac.

Lovely lilac nails

There are a variety of different purple delights on the shelves at the moment, from dusky lavender to icy mauves there is a real range to choose from.

After perusing the shades, I have found my favourite BarryM’s Berry Icecream (308) and at only £2.99 for 10ml it’s an absolute bargain too! As well as being a beut of a colour, aplication is easy and does’t take an age to dry.

Berry icecream, love it.


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