Boho curls

Glossy, voluminous, boho curls are the favorite of Blake, Vanessa et al.  I have straight hair and often add waves with GHDs, but they don’t add volume to the roots which is the glamorous look I love. Could heated rollers give me this without going too bridal?

love her locks

I have gone for BaByliss PRO’s ceramic rollers. The set comes with 30 rollers of 4 different sizes, to give you options on the size of your curls – the smaller the roller, the tighter the curl.

After allowing the rollers to heat up, you then start popping them in. There are some fantastic videos on YouTube on how to position them, here is one of my favourites:

Tips from me:

It is difficult to tell when the rollers are up to temperature, you have to guess, I reccomend you give them at least 10 mins to make sure they are hot enough.

To give your curls a bit more longevity, give each section of hair a light spray with hairspray before putting it in the roller and always make sure you wait until the rollers have completely cooled before taking them out. Also when you are removing each roller, carefully unwind the hair, never just pull the roller out, as you will also pull the curl out of your locks.

When you have taken out all of the rollers, give your hair a good coating of hair spray, then you can start to run your fingers through to loosen the curls and get the style you’re after.

The set comes with clips and pins to keep the rollers in place. The clips are much easier to put in and take out, but I think the pins keeps the rollers in position better.

So how do they rate? The curls are gorgeous, but don’t last as long as I was hoping, but should get you through the majority of an evening.

the fabulous Caroline, loving her curls

 Babyliss Pro 30 piece roller set from £68


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  1. Dena replied:

    What a gorgeous blog you got, with reviews that I love. I have a ghd styler but for sexy lose curls I use my babyless heated rollers. I put them in for 5 min, take them out, spray and run my fingers through them. They last all day. Think yours look lovely.

    Stay in touch.

  2. BaByliss PRO UK replied:

    Thanks for the review. 10-15 minutes should give enough heat to the rollers when they are first switched on. Lovely looking curls too 🙂

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